What is V port ball valve

A V port ball valve is a type of ball valve that features a "V" shaped ball or "V" notch in the ball's bore.

Applications of Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves are specialized valves used in various industrial applications to control the flow of fluids containing solids, slurry, or other viscous materials.

Hiton Special Valve-Hiton Special Valve

When the valve plate of the knife gate valve is fully withdrawn from the valve body, the fluid can pass directly through the valve...

Which industrial fields are Segment Control Valves suitable for?-HITON Special Valve Co.,LTD

Segment Control Valves are widely applicable in various industrial sectors...

Knife Gate Valve

The knife gate valve (also known as Knife Gate Valve) is a commonly used valve type for controlling the flow of fluid media.

Basic Maintenance Plan for V-Port Ball Valve

Conduct regular inspections of the V-port ball valve's appearance and operational status. Check for any leaks, corrosion, damages, or foreign objects that might obstruct its operation.

Pneumatic Segmented Control Valve: Precision Fluid Control Solution

The pneumatic segmented control valve is a highly efficient and precise solution for fluid control and regulation.

Segmented ball valve

Segmented ball valve, also known as V-port ball valve, is a commonly used fluid control device that offers

Introduction to HITON segment Ball Valve

HITON is a renowned manufacturer specialized in segment ball valves. The segment ball valve is known for its V-shaped notch in the ball, which allows for precise flow control and enhanced throttling capabilities.

Classification of V-type regulating ball valve

What are the classifications of V-type regulating ball valve products? The V-type regulating ball valve combines the best control characteristics of the ball valve and the butterfly valve into one. The product does not only have one classification, but its development is closely related to the progress of science and technology. It is widely used because it has many advantages.

Brief introduction of V ball valve

The pneumatic V-shaped ball valve developed by Zhejiang Haidun is a kind of high-grade control valve with right-angle rotation.

V-type ball valve sealing surface treatment

Surfacing STL Treatment of Sealing Surface of Pneumatic V-shaped Ball Valve